Resasuke (れさすけ) is a 25-year-old sales office worker at the same company as Retsuko and is a support character of the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko. Resasuke is a daydreamer who has an unusual fascination with canned coffee and plants.

Japanese Voice Actor: Shingo Katou

English Voice Actor: Max Mittelman

German Voice Actor: Jeremias Koschorz

Spanish (LA) Voice Actor: Oscar Rangel

Spanish (EUR) Voice Actor: Jesús A. Pinillo

French Voice Actor: Peppino Capotondi

Portuguese (BRZ) Voice Actor: Rodrigo Andreatto


Just like Retsuko, Resasuke's appearance is based on the Red Panda. Unlike Retsuko, Resasuke has light yellow fur and lacks the distinctive white stripe under his eyes. He has white ears, white and tan around his muzzle, tan fur tufts in his ears, a mole under his nose, and his mouth is always ajar. During work, Resasuke wears a white dress shirt, blue tie, and matching gray suit jacket and pants. While out on dates, Resasuke wears a white shirt, blue suit jacket, khaki-colored pants, and brown shoes.

When Retsuko is in love with him, she sees him differently than how he truly appears. His eyes are angled with stars in them, the white markings are shaped like eyebrows, his mole moves to under his left eye, and his voice becomes deeper.


Resasuke is a daydreamer at best who constantly spaces out to the point of frequently missing his train stop and being late to work. Resasuke easily gives into peer pressure, mostly notably when he dated Retsuko despite not having feels for her simply because Manumaru told him to. He is very quiet and usually doesn't speak unless spoken to. He doesn't seem to be able to read social cues. His studio apartment is full of plants, which he takes good care of and sometimes talks to.


Retsuko : It doesn't appear that Resasuke had any romantic feelings for Retsuko, and although he didn't hate Retsuko, he only agreed to date her because Manumaru told him to. Manumaru directed Resasuke on what to do throughout their relationship, but even so, Resasuke gave very little to their "romance." Retsuko broke up with him after only dating for a short period of time, realizing that she was idolizing Resasuke and that he wasn't really enthusiastic about her or their relationship.


  • "Crazy how cold it got, huh?" / "I'm fine. Good thing I brought this jacket."