Aggretsuko is a Netflix original anime series about a single, 25-year-old anthropomorphic red panda named Retsuko. Written and directed by Rarecho, the series centers around Retusko's day-to-day life as an accountant at a Japanese trading firm. Dealing with everything from sexist superiors to obnoxious co-workers, Retsuko vents her emotions through death metal at the local karaoke bar she frequents. After five years of being a corporate slave, she forms an unlikely friendship with the CEO's secretary and the company marketing director. Will this be the break she needs to finally better her work life?

Season 2 was announced on July 5, 2018 with a trailer posted on the official Netflix YouTube channel, and concludes highlighting a 2019 release date.[1]

Voice CastEdit

Retsuko - Voiced by: Kaolip (JP), Erica Mendez (EN)

Death Metal Retsuko - Voiced by: Rarecho (JP), Jamison Boaz (EN)

Fenneko - Voiced by: Rina Inoue (JP), Katelyn Gault (EN)

Haida - Voiced by: Shingo Kato (JP), Ben Diskin (EN)

Gori - Voiced by: Maki Tsuruta (JP), G.K. Bowes (EN)

Washimi - Voiced by: Komegumi Koiwasaki (JP), Tara Platt (EN)

Ton - Voiced by: Sota Arai (JP), Josh Petersdorf (EN)

Komiya - Voiced by: Sota Arai (JP), Todd Haberkorn (EN)

Resasuke - Voiced by: Shingo Katou (JP), Max Mittelman (EN)

Tsubone - Voiced by: Maki Tsuruta (JP), Debra Cardona (EN)

Tsunoda - Voiced by: Rina Inoue (JP), G.K. Bowes (EN)

Kabae - Voiced by: Yuki Takahasi (JP), Misty Lee (EN)

Manumaru - Voiced by: Sota Arai (JP), Roger Craig Smith (EN)

Ookami - Voiced by: Sota Arai (JP), Lucien Dodge (EN)

Puko - Voiced by: Rina Inoue (JP), Allegra Clark (EN)

CEO - Voiced by: Shingo Kataou (JP), Jamieson Price (EN)

Yoga Instructor - Voiced by: Sota Arai (JP), Patrick Seitz (EN)

Karaoke Clerk - Voiced by: unknown (JP), Patrick Seitz (EN)

Aggretsuko on Netflix - Trailer!

Aggretsuko on Netflix - Trailer!

S EP Title Air Date
01 01 A Day in the Life of Retsuko 20 April 2018
01 02 A Good, Hard-working Girl 20 April 2018
01 03 Short-timer 20 April 2018
01 04 Walking Down the Aisle 20 April 2018
01 05 Exposed 20 April 2018
01 06 Stoking Rebellion 20 April 2018
01 07 The Duel 20 April 2018
01 08 The Out of Pocket Prince 20 April 2018
01 09 A Rosy World 20 April 2018
01 10 The Dream Ends 20 April 2018
Aggretsuko Teaser Netflix

Aggretsuko Teaser Netflix

S EP Title Air Date
02 01 TBD TBD


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