Haida (ハイ田) is an office worker and a supporting character of the Netflix Original series, Aggretsuko. Haida works alongside Retsuko in the accounting office and has a massive crush on her.


Japanese Voice Actor: Shingo Kato
English Voice Actor: Ben Diskin
German Voice Actor: Rainer Fritzsche
Spanish (LA) Voice Actor: Julio Bernal
Spanish (EUR) Voice Actor: Jorge Saudinós
French Voice Actor: Vincent Dussaiwoir
Portuguese (BRZ) Voice Actor: Diego Marques


Haida's appearance is based off the Spotted Hyena and his name is a play off the Japanese pronunciation of 'Hyena'. Haida has brown fur, with a darker brown muzzle and ears and freckle-like spots of the same color on his cheeks, gray hands, tail and fur tufts in his ears, and a pronounced under bite. At work, Haida wears a white dress shirt, red tie, black dress pants, and brown dress shoes. His causal wear consists of a red and black striped t-shirt, black leather jacket, jeans, and boots.


It's hard to say what Haida's real personality is like because most of his time is spent fawning over Retsuko or drunk. Haida tries really hard to impress Retsuko with his initiative to fix her things and compliments her as best he can, but he cannot get himself to admit his feelings for her. He has a lot of trust for Fenneko to keep Retsuko safe at the mixer, and though he gets extremely jealous of Resasuke, Haida is still content that Retsuko is happy with him. This shows that he's kind and considerate, even if he's not getting what he wants.

Haida Walking


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★ "I want to punch him."

★ "Could I be more pathetic?"

★ "I hope I never piss you off"

★ "Is it true that you gave birth the other day?!"

Trivia Edit

★According to Aggretsuko writer and director, Rarecho, Haida plays bass guitar and loves to sing punk rock but is really bad at it.

★Haida's bass guitar is modeled after a Fender Jazz Bass.

★Haida is voiced by Ben Diskin, who is known for voicing Numbah One from Codename: Kids Next Door.