Gori (ゴリ) is the Marketing Director and a support character of the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko. Gori is always seen alongside Washimi at work and with both Washimi and Retsuko outside of work.


Japanese Voice Actor: Maki Tsuruta
English Voice Actor: G.K. Bowes
German Voice Actor: Antje Von Der Ahe
Spanish (LA) Voice Actor: Martha Ramírez
French Voice Actor: Nathalie Hons
Portuguese (BRZ) Voice Actor: Adriana Pissardini


Gori's appearance is based off of the Western Lowland Gorilla. She has a large build, light gray fur across her body, and dark gray skin on her face and ears. Gori usually wears a hot pink dress with matching shoes and a yellow beaded necklace and earrings, but also wears a hot pink t-shirt and shoes, teal shorts, and the same yellow earrings while at yoga class.


Gori first comes off as very ladylike and confident, but was very shy when it came to making friends with Retsuko having to tap out with Washimi to finish introducing themselves. Once she and Restuko became friends, Gori showed a much more excitable and emotional side to her personality. Gori tries really hard to make a good impression on men and to make relationships work, but her job often gets in the way leading to some serious heartbreak.

Awkward Babies





★"Not gonna lie, our baddest bitch in the room walk is murder on my back."

★"I know that [the yoga teacher] doesn't look the part, but he traveled to India to learn at the knee of Yoga's wisest masters. I am living proof of his skill!"

★"See how she didn't even say hi just then? It's because Retsuko hates me! I knew it!"

★"Listen to me, you might think it's a dumb idea, but drinking with your co-workers and boss is a good way to get buddy-buddy."

★"I know that I let work eat up too much of my time, but what's a career woman supposed to do? It's not like he's been perfect in this relationship either! Did I let him get away with too much? Maybe he thought he could just come waltzing back in through the door. It was a mistake to think we ever could have understood each other. I wish the two of them all the happiness in the world!"