Komiya (小宮) works directly under Ton and is an antagonist in the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko.

Japanese Voice Actor: Sota Arai

English Voice Actor: Todd Haberkorn

German Voice Actor: Gerald Schaale

Spanish (LA) Voice Actor: Hugo Núñez

Spanish (EUR) Voice Actor: Pepe Carabias

French Voice Actor: Didier Colfs


Komiya's appearance is based off of a Meerkat. He has fawn fur, brown ears, and black fur circling his eyes. Komiya is always seen in office attire consisting of a white dress shirt, green tie, khaki-colored dress pants, and brown dress shoes.


Komiya is a loud and obnoxious person who is always following in Ton's shadow. He encourages Ton's behavior, even searching for new golf courses to try out, and will try to scold other employees in Ton's place.



★ "Do it again! That was sub-par!"